Saunders & Pughe offer a comprehensive engraving service including initils, family crest and deep seal engraving. Please contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Our Engraving Service

The ancient craft of hand engraving starts with a basic tool called a graver: a length of square section tempered steel hammered into a mushroom-shaped handle usually made of wood.

This basic tool has been used by engravers for centuries. In order to create quality detailed engravings, the engraver is required to accurately execute many cuts or lines in the metal that vary in length, width, and depth. In principle, the results achieved are similar to those produced by an artist when sketching with pen or pencil on paper. Spectacular ornamental engravings are possible when the graver is controlled by someone who is well versed in the art of engraving.


  • RING ENGRAVING –  We engrave initials and dates in a range of fonts on signet rings and wedding bands. Hundreds of years ago people were also inscribing religious or inspirational messages and vowing their lifelong commitment on poesy rings.
  • we also can arrange for engraving on larger objects, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • SEAL ENGRAVING  –  is a highly skilled and finely detailed form of engraving for signet rings. It is traditional for family crests or coats of arms to be ‘reverse’ engraved on signet rings. These can then produce seal impressions in wax  traditionally used for sealing letters, agreements, contracts and wills. 


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