Coloured Gemstones

Rare and vibrant

We support GEM LEGACY a non-profit organisation to support education, vocational training and local economies in East African coloured gemstone mining communities.

Coloured Gemstones

Saunders & Pughe source unusual and rare gemstones from all over the world. We have a passion for vibrant coloured gems.

It takes knowledge, expertise and experience to select the best gemstones. When buying loose gems we sort through many parcels of different shapes and sizes, we assess the colour grade together with cut and polish quality. This process ensures we select only fine quality gemstones that we are happy to add to our collection.  Each gem we buy always has its own unique story to tell, a story we love to share with our customers.

Over many years we have collected fabulous gemstones from a diverse range of locations. Rare precious opal from Australia, green demantoid garnet from Russia and a beautiful array of multi coloured sapphire from Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Montana USA to name but a few.

Please make an appointment to view our coloured gemstones which we use to create beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery both in the shop and to commission.

“Coloured gemstones have always captured my imagination and curiosity, from their creation deep beneath the earths surface to their natural mesmerising beauty displayed after expert cutting”.

Marianne Pughe FGA , DGA.

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