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As specialist jewellers working with fine gemstones it is important to us to know exactly where the gemstones we use come from and how they were sourced.

We collect beautiful gemstones from all over the world, visiting fair trade mines, ensuring all our gemstones are ethically sourced whenever possible.

Our extensive collection includes fine South-Sea and Tahitian pearls, Lightning Ridge black opals, deep blue and multi-coloured sapphires, intensely coloured aquamarines and more unusual stones such as spinel, demantoid and Mali garnets and natural zircons of many hues. If you are interested in having a special piece made and would like to view our loose gemstones please contact us to arrange an appointment. 

Our Gemstone Gallery

 Below is a small selection of gemstones from our extensive collection. All of our coloured gemstones have been hand selected by our team of gemstone experts and chosen for their exquisite colours, quality and rarity. If you wish to view diamonds or coloured gemstones from our loose stone collection please call to arrange an appointment.

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Created before life began on our planet, diamonds have always been associated with mystery, myth and magic. Diamonds are formed under great heat and pressure, they are only found in certain remote locations around the world.

We are passionate about gemstones and diamonds. Many things contribute to the overall beauty of a diamond; learn more by reading our diamond guide. 

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 Our on-line shop represents a selection of designs created by Saunders & Pughe using gemstones we have hand selected. Each gemstone is natural, unique and usually made as a one-off design.  Please enjoy viewing our jewellery.