Other Designers

We stock a wide range of jewellery from other leading British and European designers including

Sheila Fleet

jewellery designed and made in Orkney, Scotland. Inspired by the  landscape and history of Orkney Sheila uses coloured enamel fused with silver and gold to create beautiful pieces of jewellery for all occasions.

Linda McDonald

Linda creates gorgeous jewellery inspired by nature, working mainly with silver and gold detail.

Bastian Inverum

Bastian have been making jewellery since 1974, using natural materials they create precious silver jewellery with a great eye for detail. Bastians concept lies within their name INVERUM stands for the latin words ingenuus, velum and unicus meaning noble, genuine and unique.


MANU-jewellery means hand-made small production runs of exquisite quality in handcraft and design. Simple, elegant forms and precious, matt textures is the personal signature of MANU-designers. Sophisticated catches coupled with innovative combinations of silver and  gold.


Established in 1960 Finnish jewellers Lapponia create bold and unique designs in silver and gold.

Collette Waudby

Taking influence mainly from the natural world Collette’s designs are elegant,fluid and very comfortable to wear. Working in silver and gold collections includes necklaces, earrings,bangles and bracelets.

Mounir London

Mounir’s signature style is that of a timeless and refined elegance. His meticulous attention to detail has secured him as one of the industries leaders, since forming in 1989. Partnered with wife Corinne the philosophy of the designs has always been to create honest and beautiful pieces resistant to fleeting fashions.


Matt silver with polished detail Vizati’s jewellery is unique and feminine. Sculptural pieces combined with diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites and other precious and semi-precious stones.


Distinguished by its simplicity and elegance Tezers jewellery is inspired by the many fold shapes and formations of nature. the result is a synthesis of precious metal and modern design.have been making jewellery at bastian since 1974. From the very outset, we have always followed the one and same philosophy: Designs that are in line with the latest trends but that are also made for eternity in some ways.