Eternity rings

An eternity ring is a symbol of the everlasting love that occurs between a couple.  This is why it is given the name ‘eternity’, as it is a symbol of a love that will go on forever.  An eternity ring completes the trinity of rings on a woman’s wedding finger as it goes alongside her wedding ring and engagement ring.  Like the engagement ring, eternity rings will contain diamonds                        Raphael Collection

It is thought that the concept of the eternity ring dates back thousands of years to the Egyptian times.  While rings weren’t used to celebrate a special occasion, they were used to commemorate eternal love between a couple.

Saunders & Pughe stock a wide selection of eternity ring set with diamonds and coloured precious gemstones. We are able to design and make an eternity ring to fit your existing engagement ring so both rings compliment each other perfectly. Please enquire for further details.